Coolbell CB-5609 (NL)

Brand: Coolbell
Model: CB-5609
Type: Dual Backpack + Topload
Material: Water-resistant Nylon
Size: 17.3″
Brand: CoolBell
Availability: Out of Stock
Rs. 6,299

1: Three ways to carry. Can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag, and crossbody bag. When used as a cross-body bag or shoulder bag, you can hide the shoulder strap.
2: 4 outer bags, easy to organize the items to be carried with you, and they can be well placed on the suitcase when traveling.
3: Large laptop compartment and accessory compartment. The computer protection compartment with a telescopic belt is specially designed to provide more protection for the laptop. You can also reload the travel clothes you wear for 3 days. Can meet the spacious space you need.
4: Lightweight design, easy to carry. The top handle allows you to carry it quickly. The ergonomic design disperses the weight of the entire backpack.

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